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"playing a fun set of catchy tracks, based around some nice guitar riffs and Dan’s chanting vocals ...there’s something almost Green Day-esque about them. They also have a very good stage presence and manage to get the crowd laughing more than once before they play their final song." BBC ATL

"It’s full of witty lyricism, harmonizing vocals and that back-to-basics no-hesitation punk rock playing that has consistently drawn the faithful back to those three trusty chords. Excess Baggage is a total banger that’s going to take you on a nice little trip you can listen to on repeat again and again"

"In the month that I have had a preview copy of it I have listened to this album more than fifty times and IT IS STILL AWESOME. From the catchy choruses, the solid and strong delivery, to the so-perfect-maybe-a-machine-did-write-these-songs composition; this album will be a pleasure for anyone to listen to multiple times and is an instant staple for fans of pop punk the world over."